About Toga's Stationery Vagaries

Welcome! My name’s Toga, & I love stationery. I especially love fountain pens & inks, but stationery in general has always been a big love of mine. I worked for over a decade in the Stationery & Print industries in Scotland, but health issues meant I had to leave them behind. And that’s where part of the name comes from—I’m largely confined to a bed, so not only do I love stationery, I am stationary!

Claymation monkey rolling its eyes and playing "ba-dum-tish" on the drums
Gotta love a pun

So what is this blog for? I’ve been posting often on Mastodon about fountain pens & inks, but with the release of the Majohn A3 I realised I had more I wanted to say than could fit in the 500 character limit. And so, this blog was born. I can’t say I’ll be taking you on adventures in stationery, more like erratic wanderings or vagaries. If you have anything you’d like me to talk about, please feel free to message me on Mastodon or send me an email.

All reviewed stationery items have been bought by me unless otherwise stated

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